About Us

New Blood Studios

So, who are we? We are a group of local South Australians with a passion for film and TV. Brought together to showcase some amazing local talent and introduce the world to the beautiful landscapes South Australia has to offer. Lead by our fearless director Aron, seriously this guy is a beast, we plan to begin producing some incredible series, starting with Season 1 of Warpath Chronicle. The drive behind this project is incredible, with many local actors volunteering their time just to be part of this incredible world that's slowly coming to life before our very eyes. With the immense support of our friends, family and loved ones, we have dedicated the next 12 months to bring the world something that is both unique and will prove that we are here to make an impact in the Australian production industry

The Crew

Aron Giagu - Writer, Director and Producer

Aron Giagu is the creator of Warpath Chronicle, as a child Aron developed a vast interest in Fantasy and Sci fi stories, films and shows such as, Conan the Barbarian, Willow, Lord of the Rings, Aliens and even He-Man.

In 2015 He decided that it was time to put his imagination on screen and attempt to shoot his first ever short film "Are We Heroes". The film was a success and caught the eye of many South Australians.

In 2017 Aron decided to band together a team of experienced misfits and form New Blood Studios, A team of hard working and dedicated individuals who continue to bring "Warpath Chronicle" to life. His dream is to see Warpath Chronicle go global and build New Blood Studios into a powerful force to be reckoned with in the industry of film.

Nick Berry-Smith - Director of Photography

A dedicated and passionate filmmaker with an attitude of 'do anything to get the job done.' He has taken on Producing, Production Design, Editing, Compositing Effects, as well as Post Sound work to be able to complete some of his latest projects. His latest run of short-films have been entirely produced and funded off of his own back under the banner of Remember The Name Pictures

The next great-leap forward for Nick has been signing up to lens the highly ambitious and large scale New Blood Studios production; War Path Chronicles, which has begun principle photography and is already generating quite some early buzz, producing highly engaging and intriguing imagery.

Tass Giagu - Composer/Music

An interest in music composition began in his teens, when he taught himself how to play various film scores on a cheap Casio keyboard. A childhood filled with fantasy and adventure films as well as classic epics has shaped Tass’ love of grand, haunting and striking scores which is obvious in his music. His creative influences and inspirations include composers such as Basil Poledouris, Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer, and artists such as Dream Theater and Dead Can Dance. Tass has a vast collection of samples which he has used over the years to compose for independent videogames and short films. He most recently composed and recorded the score for the independent fantasy film Are We Heroes  

Pavlos Giagu - Producer

An outgoing and fun young lad who loves his video games sports and especially screen acting and voice acting. Always found he a had a knack for doing voices and good impressions and started to fall in love with the acting side of things as well as he got older.

His brother Aron approached him about an amazing story and an amazing company idea. Now helping him bring his vision to life and able pursue his love and passion for acting with our amazing team.

Stefanie Rossi - Casting and Assistant Director

Stefanie Rossi is an actor/singer/producer who graduated from the Adelaide College of the Arts with an Advanced Diploma of Arts Acting as a part of the class of 2012. She has also since studied with 16 th Street Actors Studio in Melbourne and Tony Knight here in Adelaide. Since graduating, Stefanie has had extensive experience both on the

stage and screen. Stefanie also works behind the camera as Producer of her co-owned production house, Leading Line Productions, and as one of the Producers of New Blood Studios.

Stefanie has been involved in the production of Warpath Chronicles from the very preliminary stages, before casting even began.

Thomas Parker - Media and Marketing

With a wild imagination and love for cinema, acting has always been a strong passion of his. Performing in a few local theatre productions growing up and some amateur stand up. Joining the cast of Are We Heroes in 2016, he has gone from background extra to supporting cast member to managing the studios media and marketing role. After hearing more about the Warpath story and feeling the passion from all involved driving the project, Thomas jumped at the opportunity to be a part of New Blood Studios and join in this epic adventure into the incredible world being created.

Marc Clement - Casting and 2nd Assistant Director

Marc Clement is an Actor, Writer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor and has been Acting in Film, TV and Theatre in a wide array of lead roles for over 25 years. Playing Mr. Orange in Australian premier of Reservoir Dogs and the lead of Alfie in 'Alfie'. Marc has the lead role of 'Gideon' in Warpath and is one of the Producer's, forming New Blood Studios with Aron, Pav and Stef. A big part of the casting process, Marc was able to introduce a vast array of local SA talent and bring them on board. 

"I love the intriguing, intertwined storyline. It's great to keep this as a completely South Australian based project. Can't wait to see where it goes!!"